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I simply can’t express how excited I am about Biml (Business Intelligence Markup Language). In a nutshell, Biml is an XML like language that let’s you describe how an SSIS package (or packages) should look and the code then builds the SSIS package(s) for you. It’s magic. It’s a force multiplier. If you aren’t at least looking at how to bring Biml into your SSIS work already you will soon be left behind. Yeah … it’s kinda a big deal.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, in this first post on Biml for Brindle Solutions I decided to share my favorite resources to help you get started with Biml. They are in no particular order, I recommend you work through ALL of them.

Tim’s GO TO Biml resources

If you prefer hands on training to learn (or master) Biml, here are the folks I would (and do) go to.

Hands on training

so there you have it. I hope these lists help you get started. I know I’ve missed a LOT of great resources here, that’s where YOU come in. Drop me a comment and I’ll compile them into a follow up post!

My thoughts on Biml are lot less technical and granular. Biml, to me, is like a better mouse trap. You know all that super repetitive, prone to typos, tedious work you always thought there HAD to be a better more efficient way to do? Biml is that better more efficient way. SHHHH…don’t tell anyone about it. Just let them think you have recently become the fastest rockstar coder ever.

Lori’s Two Cents

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