Lori’s Six Month Status Update

Wow, what a six months! We thought we would start out collecting condensation out of leaves to quench our thirst for business. We doubted ourselves and our decisions. We wondered if we would survive and then in the blink of an eye we were trying to keep up with the fire house pointed straight down our throats. (One more reminder to be careful what you ask for.) Since then most things have evened out a bit.

What we have learned.

We are learning to manage our workflow and our client load better. We are learning what are realistic expectations for both our clients and ourselves. We have learned that we do ourselves and our clients a disservice when we doubt our instincts and hold back from taking the reins. We have learned that sometimes even the largest and most reliable clients pay late. We have learned that we are not mind readers, but we are pretty darned intuitive. Tim teaches me more coding and encourages me to sharpen my technical skills with his voracious appetite for learning.

Where we are headed.

We said from day one that we would let the business (Brindle Solutions) show us what it needed to be. Already we are finding opportunities in areas we hoped for, but never expected. We have some exciting training and speaking opportunities coming together. We expect our first book to publish this year and already have ideas for more in the future. We are always learning new tools to utilize in helping our clients better utilize their data. I can’t wait to see who our new clients will be this year and what fun we can have with their data sets.

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