Tim’s Six month status update

Taking a prompt from Brent Ozar I thought it would be interesting to post semi regular updates on how our business is going, what we’ve learned and what we want to do next.

Brian Moran with the save!

It’s been a roller coaster ride, no doubt! We spent most of the first month in business just trying to figure out WHY we want to do this (read Start with Why for more on this), and how we can make it happen. Lori and I both did a lot of soul searching and polling of our social networks. One particularly great piece of advice we received early on was to create our own partnership charter (Thanks Brian Moran! read more about the Partnership Charter here). This was an invaluable experience. We would sit together every day and talk through the questions the book raises, madly jotting notes on whatever was handy.

There is a lot more to starting your own business than simply paying for the LLC. We talked about all the things we hoped would go well. We looked directly into our fears to plan for some of the things that could go wrong. In the end we decided on a 49/51 split with Lori owning the controlling interest and taking the lead on the business side of our practice. I would be active in all aspects of the business but focus primarily on the tech consulting work. Lori would manage the business of our business and focus on business consulting, process engineering, data visualization and coaching.

Lori in the lead …

We were fortunate to find steady work fairly early. When it comes to the work, it’s not that different from when I was a consultant working for someone else, and at the same time it’s completely different. I love being involved from the beginning in establishing relationships, defining business problems and scoping work. I do not love not having someone else to do all the ‘business stuff’ so I can just write queries.

I’d say Lori and I have had a great six months. We go together like peanut butter and chocolate. She can talk me down when my anxiety pushes me to work 18 hour days and I do my best to clear the road for her to build our business and make us look great. I thought I understood the business side of business intelligence. Working with Lori I’ve learned just how much I have to learn

What’s next?

Where we go next is easy. We go forward! We plan on upping our data migration game with even more Biml, soon we will add agile data warehouse training to our catalog and we are both looking at coaching certifications to help us help build the teams we work with.

Your turn

Are you building a business? Share your tips, tricks and lessons learned in the comments!

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  1. Ooo, cool! Looking forward to seeing how it goes. Good luck, folks!

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