Hi.  I’m Tim Costello, and I want to help you build an analytics team. 

The tricky thing about building a team is making sure that all the things that team needs are in place.  It’s taken me almost twenty years, but I think I’ve worked out exactly how to make that happen.  I call my process the six pillars of analytics.  You can read all about them in these pages.

Your environment and your challenges set you apart.  They make you unique.  That’s why I don’t follow a template, I use the six pillars as guideposts to get you to where you want to be.  We start where you are, and we work toward your goals together.

Along that path we will either build up the people you have in place or help you identify the best candidate so you can hire with confidence.  I will make sure your team has the right data, the right tools and the best support.  In the end your people will move data (ETL), manage data (Data Warehouse) and share data (Dashboards) like seasoned pros.  I will teach them to see data the way I do, and I love data!

Look around.  Read about the six pillars.  Browse the blog.  If you have any questions email me.  I’m here to help.

Tim Costello