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"I've known Tim for over a decade and worked with him on the Business Intelligence team at Six Flags. He is a leader in this technology space and is very well known throughout the region through the hundreds of hours he's donated to teach Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. He was an incredible addition to our team and immediately made an impact on our deliverables. He rapidly picked up our entire architecture, methodology, and development processes and took on a major project in our backlog within the first week of joining. He has a skill set that surpasses just about every other professional I've ever worked with in this technology space and was the heavyweight on our team for dimensional modeling, data marts, and visual analytics. I would strongly recommend him and if given the opportunity would hire him anywhere I am as I would very much like to work with him again."
"Brindle Solutions was able to help us most when we lacked the in-house skillset to handle a highly complex project. Brindle Solutions’ process was quick and thorough which saved our team countless hours. It was the perfect end-to-end engagement for our business that allowed our team to focus on other items while Brindle Solutions took point on this project. We were able to scale their solution out to all branches within our company successfully. We are very pleased with the work they do and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."
"I first heard Tim speak a few years ago at CodeStock. He presented on Date dimensions for Kimball Data Warehouse models and he knocked it out the park. Not only is Tim a gifted technologist, he's also a conscientious solutions developer. His background in database administration means Tim is thinking DevOps during the development cycle without trying - he's been there and done that, so his BI solutions are designed with support in mind. Tim possesses that great combination of strong work ethic and integrity. I recommend Tim Costello for BI project leadership and delivery."
"I worked with Tim on the Business Intelligence team at Six Flags. I had known Tim for a few years through the SQL community where he presented Business Intelligence topics at many conferences. I was extremely impressed with how quickly he picked up on our methodology and business processes. Tim was a valued team member who brought his skills and expertise in analytics and specifically visual analytics to the team. I highly recommend Tim and would love to have the opportunity to work with him again."
"Tim is a Business Intelligence addict! The man lives and breathes everything database. I'm continually fascinated with his dedication to his passion. Tim is definitely passionate about Business Intelligence."
kevin mayse
Kevin Mayse
senior director - operational excellence
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"Tim is very hard working, detail oriented and dedicated to his work. I have sought his advice on several BI architectural problems as well as Tableau related issues - always found him insightful, patient and very detailed in his answers. Tim is also very committed to the sql server community. He is a true asset to any company that hires him."
"I have worked with Tim on various projects over the years and every time I come away learning something new. He is extremely dedicated to his craft. When he works with customers he has a unique way of divining what their needs are and will be. This allows him to deliver with very high quality results.

I have also seen him speak and teach at various conferences to take his knowledge and impart that to others. He is able to articulate complex concepts and break them down so others can more easily understand them.

I highly recommend Tim as he has both the technical skills and the soft skills to succeed at any level."
"I've had the pleasure of working with Tim for many years. He is passionate and knowledgeable about data warehousing, analytics, and visualization. Tim excels at presenting and making complex topics (like data warehousing) seem easy to grasp by others. Beyond being a team-player, his love of teaching makes him an excellent mentor to help bring up the skills of a team."
"Tim is one of the rare breed who loves sharing his BI knowledge and supporting our professional community, not because it helps him get ahead, but because he is truly passionate about the work that he does and the people he helps. He's the kind that chooses to listen first and speak second.

His work and community engagement in data warehousing and ETL has positioned him as a respected member of our SQL Server community. Add to that the fact that he's a genuinely wonderful person, and you've got the kind of guy great teams are made of. I'd choose to work with him any time. "
"I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Tim through PASS Summit and other community activities. He has a love of learning and giving back to the community through training. He has worked with Tableau for six years and has been dedicated to helping others visualize their data through the product."
"Tim is one of the most knowledgeable Business Intelligence architects in the industry. He is known in the tech community as a great resource for anything about data warehouse and database technologies. He is also an authority in the field of Agile Data Warehouse. He has spoken an taught in various tech conferences, including the SQL Saturday event which is a very popular tech conference among SQL Server & Business Intelligence professionals."